Brett Borah

Using Gemini for my IMR cases reduces the burden on my office. I know that Gemini will get the records to Maximus on time so I can focus on other aspects of the case. I can assure my clients that I am doing everything in my power to get them the medical treatment they need.

Brett Borah Law Office of Borah & Shaffer

Mae Vaughn

I enjoy working with Gemini because they process any order given in a timely manner and always have an answer to any question you bring to their attention. Their representatives also take the time to really get to know you, while still maintaining a professional relationship. If you are considering utilizing any of the services they provide, you will not be disappointed.

Mae Vaughn Richard Meechan, Santa Rosa

Pauli Larsen

The people at Gemini who’ve worked mostly with me seem very genuine, very good and diligent at their jobs, and very smart! They always get right on a problem or question I have, and they follow up with me. We don’t have to prompt them to follow up, but they do so until the issue is resolved.

Pauli Larsen Attorney at Law, Sausalito

Bob Nehoray

I have been working with Gemini ever since Nadja joined their team. The level of service is outstanding. Anytime you have questions or need personal attention, they are more than happy to oblige. All their orders are processed and shipped to our office quickly. I am very happy with Gemini and their service overall.

Nadja has been my go-to girl for vouchers for years. She is an amazing Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, and I appreciate how well she takes care of my clients.

Bob Nehoray Attorney at Law

Noemi Diaz

Gemini cares about their clients and they go over and beyond to keep us happy. Their turnaround time is great and they keep us informed if any issues may arise.

Noemi Diaz Cramer Martinez

Diana Berlin

Nadja is amazing! I use her for everything. So glad she teamed up with Gemini. Since utilizing them I have had no issues, I love that they keep me informed of when locations are subpoenaed. Everything is so easy and accessible. I love Genie docs and online access any time. If I have a question the chat feature is excellent and more importantly, I get my records on time. Their turnaround time is amazing.

Like I stated before I use Nadja for everything including Vouchers. There is no one better, more efficient or reliable when it comes to handling my clients. Simply stated, my clients, contact me and thank me for the service and care she provided when taking care of them. Gemini is and continues to be the subpoena service I rely on.

Diana Berlin

Bonnie Weisz

JETFiler is easy to use and is helping you to submit forms to the board digitally.

Bonnie Weisz Donald Barrows, Stockton

Adam Hayden

I have had the pleasure of working with Gemini Legal’s voucher specialist team for almost two years. In my experience, Gemini Legal takes tremendous pride in being one the best counseling services in California. Under the leadership of Nadja Dow, Lisa Crump, and David Duran, the Gemini team developed a “client first” mindset that values collaboration with ed2go to provide continuous support services to injured workers. Each member makes the client’s well-being a priority with every action they take. Any time a client, whether from ed2go or one of our partner schools, needs something, the Gemini team tackles it.
The ed2go admissions team has developed and shared many best practices within the industry, based on the Gemini process and approach. I’m proud to partner with Gemini Legal and look forward to continuing our work to service injured workers in California. Thank you to each member at Gemini for all your hard work and determination!

Adam Hayden Ed2go|Cengage Learning Inc.

Frank Su

Gemini has been an invaluable partner and powerful litigation tool for me as a sole practitioner Applicant’s Attorney. Ordering records through Gemini are seamless for MerusCase users due to their integration with Merus. They also provide a single point of contact to resolve any issues. I have found them to be extremely responsive when issues arise. For attorneys with minimal staff, Gemini’s assistance with forwarding records to Maximus for IMR is indispensable. I would highly recommend Gemini as your go-to subpoena service.

Frank Su

Gorelick Wolfert Oakland

I cannot give Gemini enough credit when it comes to IMR. Ever since Gemini took over our IMR filing, it has allowed me to focus my attention and energy on other issues. It has given me the ability to give our clients the time of day to address other important aspects of their claims. Our office is very grateful in knowing that our client’s medical needs are being taken care of timely.

Gorelick Wolfert Oakland

E. Ramirez

We have had the pleasure of working with Gemini’s vouchers [department] for the better part of a year now. Their staff is knowledgeable, fast and efficient. We enjoy helping injured workers with the online courses we currently offer here at our school. Unlike other companies, they actually take the time to assist the applicants, plus they also explain the voucher benefits to the applicants. If you need an update, you can always get one within a reasonable timeframe. We recommend Gemini’s services to injured workers because they have someone guiding them through the complex system of workers’ compensation.

E. Ramirez International College

Carlos Lemus

Since I started utilizing the services of Gemini at the various law firms I work with it has made my work life a lot easier to deal with. For example, due to the medical review service that Gemini performs with the records, I was able to locate additional claims that the applicant somehow didn’t realize he had and we were able to bring those claims forward and get our client compensated. The ease of locating records online is priceless. I appear at hearings frequently and I am at peace knowing that if I need access to specific records and I don’t have the physical file with me I can easily login through my phone and find what I’m looking for.
I could go on with a multitude of examples as to how great of an asset Gemini is for me and my colleagues at the various offices I’m affiliated with. You can rest assured I will continue to use your services with the current offices I’m at and at any potential offices I may start to work within the future.

Carlos Lemus Hearing Rep.

Jon Marlowe, Esq.

Gemini provides fast, reliable, and hassle-free discovery solutions for our practice. The customer service is, hands down, the best in the industry.

Jon Marlowe, Esq. Law Office of Jon Marlowe

Daniela Tinoco

Our office has worked with Gemini for several years. Not only does the team always meet our expectations, but they exceed them. Their great customer service, efficiency, and responsiveness is valuable!

Daniela Tinoco Law Offices of Nooshin Dalili

Tim W. English

We are so pleased to have Gemini as our copy service. They have always provided above and beyond customer service while aggressively obtaining medical records on our client’s behalfs. Also, in our opinions, their interface and technology is some of the best in the industry. Because of Gemini, our practice is much more efficient than it would be if we were working with another copy service. Thank you Gemini!

Tim W. English Wiesner English, P.C.

Workers’ Compensation Services

Subpoena and Record Service

• Instant live status notes
• Multiple delivery options
• Records available to download
• Research and EAMS verification
• Additional sets to doctors
• Personal appearance subpoenas
• Service support for SIBTF and IMR


• Client support
• Streamlined ordering
• Indexing and summaries
• Responsive account managers
• Paralegals on staff
• Bilingual staff
• Digital records ordering
• Digital records delivery

Voucher Benefit Assistance

Our in-house, VRTWC state-approved counselor and case specialists empower your clients with more choices.
• Counseling services
• SJDB voucher services
• Return-to-work
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Gemini works with clients’ preferred SIBTF provider and our clients’ offices. Doctors and specialists provide referrals while Gemini handles all record-ordering needs.
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Calculations & Charts

Gemini’s annual permanent disability, life expectancy and mileage chart booklet is used by thousands of attorneys across the state. We also have an internal expert who provides custom calculations for our clients.
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Ethical and Committed.

Gemini is deeply committed to an ethical and professional relationship with you, the records custodian. We maintain patient confidentiality and prudently act on our clients’ behalf for the legal and proper release of information.


85 Percent of Injured Workers Qualify for SJDB

Gemini’s multilingual counselor and her team lead with compassion to earn trust and create custom vocational objectives, so injured workers receive the most benefits from their vouchers. We work with all accredited, state-approved post-secondary schools and can assist with return-to-work services.

Workers’ Compensation Resources

About Workers’ Compensation

Gemini’s focus is on injured workers, the attorneys who represent them and the law offices that support them. Our e-filing portal, digital records delivery, live order status and advanced search software have changed the copy service industry by adding levels of efficiency to law offices throughout the state.

Workers Comp Resources

The Gemini Difference

Attorney Efficiency

Gemini streamlines every process involved with records filing and retrieval.

Ethics & Integrity

“Acting responsibly is not a matter of strengthening our reason but of deepening our feelings for the welfare of others.” ― Jostein Gaarder

Technologically Progressive

Gemini’s R&D and engineering teams continue to push the industry along technologically.

End-to-End Industry Knowledge

Gemini’s leadership team and staff are tenured in all areas workers’ compensation in specialized areas.

Backed by Data

Eighteen years in business serving applicant attorneys—18 years of data collection and fine-tuning our business model and services.

Learn More About Gemini

A walk through our company timeline tells our story; from a humble beginning, self-funded out of a spare bedroom through 18 years of challenges, success and growth.

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