10.000 injured workers have been helped by Gemini Legal's Voucher Team as of December 2023.

Gemini Voucher Division

Ethics. Experience. Compassion. Freedom of Choice.

Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits and Return-to-Work funds are instrumental to an injured worker’s journey.


Voucher Team

Intake Specialists

Norma Barajas-Escalante – Specialist II

Moises Vazquez – Specialist II

Case Specialists

Alma Aguirre – Specialist I

Michelle Barrios – Specialist I

Randy Garrison – Specialist I

Celene Hernandez – Specialist I

Jesenia Guzman-Quezada – Specialist II

Susy Martinez – Specialist II

Aurora Paredes – Specialist II

Ines Tlaiye – Specialist II

Exit Specialist

Vicky Pablo – Specialist II

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Ethics. Experience. Compassion. Freedom of Choice.

Gemini is the only copy service company with an in-house licensed, certified vocational rehabilitation counselor. In fact, we have an entire voucher division in-house, and our experienced, multilingual counselor, manager and fully-bilingual specialists assist injured workers through every step of the voucher process.

We put ethics and injured workers first, and work with every post-secondary accredited school to create a custom, successful vocational objective for each individual.

We completed a rigorous process of becoming the only authorized, approved organization of our kind on the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) approved and authorized rehabilitation entity list.

Details Make a Difference

Injured workers who have relocated but were injured in California, can do training online.
Case specialists stay with injured workers from start to finish.

Gemini processes the RTW funds ($5,000) immediately.

Voucher referrals are time-sensitive. We always contact the injured worker within 24 standard business hours of the referral.

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From the day we receive a voucher, we contact the injured worker within 24 hours, and process the RTW funds immediately. We lead injured workers through every step of the process, clearly communicating next steps and all options associated with each step. We are ethical and neutral throughout the process. Injured workers are our priority. Always.

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