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Gemini legally compels and obtains document evidence for California attorneys representing injured workers.


Competitive Advantage


"Gemini’s first and forever competitive advantage is our people.

Our valuable clients, employees, and vendors deserve Gemini’s full commitment and effort to provide a platform for mutual success."

-Dan Mora: Founder/CEO



Gemini boldly stands to care for all. As a member of our communities, it’s our duty to serve. To date, we’ve contributed thousands of dollars to hundreds of charities on behalf of our clients and employees. We strive, not just to feed, but to impact. Gemini has influenced law, regulation, and industry standards. In a world where ethics are compromised for profit, we stand as a beacon for right. It’s our goal that our partners should never be compromised by our action.



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Products and Services


Retrieval Process with GenieDocs

  • OCR
    • Gemini scans in all documents for you with OCR so that each word is identified. This makes fully searchable records to make your work quicker, more accurate and much easier.
  • Verified Contact Research
  • Pre Supoena Research
  • Client Support Response Time
  • GenieDocs

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Voucher Service

Gemini brings you GenieDocs, the most sophisticated cloud based technology and records procurement tool for workers' compensation attorneys. GenieDocs has OCR so all your records are fully searchable, with live order status, dedicated support, and the most user friendly order forms in the industry...and that's just the beginning. Ready to order? Sign up with the button on the top right of this page, or click here to get more info.



Streamlined IMR Processing

  • Easy ordering for IMR with GenieDocs (a simplified online process)

  • Gemini keeps track of which records have been sent and when
  • Increase office effeciency
  • All orders for IMR have records stored in GenieDocs in perpetuity
  • As soon as records are made available to GenieDocs users, same day digital upload to Maximus is also available. 

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MerusCase is a Case Management Software. Gemini is a copy service to partner with MerusCase, enabling clients to order in the system and have subpoenaed records uploaded directly back into your MerusCase file.




Gemini works seamlessly with your preferred SIBTF provider to streamline work by your office. Your SIBTF provider will support you with doctor and specialist referrals, while Gemini will handle all of your records ordering needs.


Contact your local sales rep to schedule a SIBTF presentation so you can better understand the benefits you can get for your client. If you are ready to order, then call your Sales Rep to get started today.

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