Top 5 reasons to go paperless

Save time, money and office space and become a lean law office machine

1. It Lowers Risk

Professional home and cloud electronic storage systems reduce liability risks due to fire, thieves, water, lightning, etc. 


2. It Saves Time

18 minutes: Average time spent to retrieve an information from paper documents

2 seconds: Average time spent to retrieve information from a searchable PDF document. Records are fully searchable with OCR technology


3. It Saves Storage Space

Each 2 drawer file cabinet holds an average of 10,000 documents and takes up 9 square feet of floor space

Each electronic file folder holds an unlimited amount of documents and takes 0 square feet of floor space


4. It's Mobile

Hosting your files in a secure, professional cloud hosting service lets you access them anywhere you are using any tablet, smartphone or computer. Work from home, office, ski resort, etc. You only print what you need!


5. It Saves Trees

13: Every time we recycle 1 ton of paper, we save 13 trees.



Go Paperless

Is your desk and office overflowing with papers? Spending money on renting space filled by file cabinets? Do you face escalating IT costs with your servers?

2018 will be more digitally friendly than ever. Hundreds of courtrooms and case management systems are already digital. The WCAB has been promoting e-filing and Jet-File for years. Hospitals began going digital after the Federal EHR mandate in 2011. Does your law firm have what it needs to maintain productivity and make room for more clients in the coming year? Gemini provides the technology and tools you need:

Cloud Storage: Unlimited, free, organized document storage. One location, accessible anywhere, fully secure. No contracts.

Easy Search: GenieDocs uses OCR (optical character recognition), so every page of every record in GenieDocs has been scanned with fully searchable text, saving you and legal staff time and energy.

Stay Organized: GenieDocs auto-organizes records chronologically with full details on all locations.

Keep Control: You're in charge when you get to see where your records are and what is going on. Live Status Notes are visible in GenieDocs on all orders.

I.T. Savings: Find extra money when you don't have to waste it on bigger servers and extra file cabinets.

Security: GenieDocs utilizes Department of Defense level security protocols,


"I am happy that we switched to Gemini as they have come through on everything they have said and more. Gemini's customer service is great... I email our dedicated representative and it immediately gets done. Our Sales Rep is awesome! If we have a problem they make it a priority to get it resolved. And we love MerusCase."  -- Law Office of Robbins & Strunk

"Gemini paired with MerusCase is hands-down the fastest and easiest way to issue SDTs. I was able to subpoena 18 medical providers in about one minute without any duplicate data entries. For a solo practitioner, this is invaluable." -- Law Office of Brian W. Freeman, Southern California


Benefits of Digital Records:

  • No Lost pages of records: digital pages do not fall out of place
  • Take advantage of already scanned, fully searchable, organized records, and free up legal staff time
  • Save money with cloud document mangagemnt: unlimited storage
  • Easy attach digital records for emails, JefFile, and e-File
  • Free up shelf and floor space from extra boxes and paper
  • Records stored offsite with redundancy
  • Less burden and weight from transporting paper
  • Work remote safely with the highest software security available
  • Continue to print on paper when needed, one page or the entire record
  • Download and save records to your desktop and file system as needed
  • Saving trees


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