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Court Services

We research case files, obtain copies, record documents (both electronically and in person) and conduct checks of public records. Trusted affiliates quickly fulfill your other court service needs.
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Skip Tracing

We can help locate an individual. You provide information and we provide results of our research. Efforts to serve your documents can resume and you can relay favorable activity to your client.

Process Serving

Our staff is an extension of your firm in the field and office. We check with neighbors and U.S. Postal Service, utilizing all available information to get your papers served quickly, while providing excellent service with attention to detail.
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Records Retrieval

We prepare subpoenas for records, serve and copy on-site, and can provide them on paper, USB, secure email or they can be downloaded from our website via a secure portal.
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Concierge Services

We provide concierge-level eFiling and eRecording services. Simply send us your files and we will assemble, prepare and file for you.

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