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Foreclosure of Med-Legal Complete

Contact: Tamara Doney
Media Relations

ROCKLIN, Calif., Jun. 2, 2022 — Gemini Legal Support, Inc., a privately-owned, technology-focused, legal products and services company, today announced that it has completed the purchase of intellectual property from the foreclosure of industry competitor Med-Legal Services, LLC. Gemini Legal will use the intellectual property to increase market share and extend its product roadmap and services.

“The successful acquisition of intellectual property from the former Med-Legal is significant for Gemini, our clients, and our industry,” said Tony Daugherty, president at Gemini Legal. “Gemini is committed to developing and advancing technology, and we will honor the legacy of Med-Legal—an industry technology pioneer—as we integrate key components and functionality across our suite of products and services.”

Upon the foreclosure of Med-Legal earlier this year, Gemini Legal initiated negotiations to purchase intellectual property. Negotiations proceeded for five months, during which time other organizations and entities also interested in acquiring the intellectual property were ultimately eliminated from consideration.

Intellectual property, associated trademarks and copyrights purchased by Gemini Legal include:

Ratings calculator software suite—a collection of products and public ratings guides used to calculate disability, present value, and death benefits related to workers’ compensation;  

Evedent—an attorney workflow system, including calendaring, communication and document management;

Quick reference book—copyrighted material containing 15 years of case data for workers’ compensation attorneys; and

Zing—houses clients’ requested records and history.


Gemini Legal Support, Inc., founded in 2004, develops and provides legal products and services, and applies experience and integrity to enhance justice for law firms. Gemini’s electronic court filing and document management system have become the industry standard. The company is headquartered in Rocklin, Calif., with sales teams operating throughout the state. For more information visit or call 877.739.7481.


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