The will and hope of Gemini is to embrace and meet our client’s true needs by providing a safe, stable and competitive work environment where employees, clients and vendors enrich their community and themselves personally and professionally. We meet our challenge through principled, personal leadership.


Gemini’s vision and opportunity is to earn the respect as the leading provider of ethical, quality legal support products and services to a growing number of attorneys and types of law.


• Service
• Respect
• Integrity
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• Excellence Commitment



In 2004, the Gemini CEO and Founder, Dan Mora, established Gemini with just two employees in Visalia, CA. Dan is a USAF Veteran and brought the principles of service into the culture of Gemini, a place where respect, honesty, excellent, kindness, and ethics, are the foundation.


Gemini Director of Technology, Kenny Johnston, built GenieDocs, an intuitive and powerful online tool. This revolutionary ordering and delivery system for subpoenaed records is simple to use, time saving, and has no subscriber fees or hidden costs, and is still the industry leading technology in records management for workers' compensation professionals. GenieDocs was lodged for trademark in 2007.


In 2007 Gemini also began offering box scanning services. The boxes and boxes of paper that attorneys keep in storage when a case is closed, can take up a tremendous amount of space; Gemini solves this by scanning and digitizing paper documents. Gemini uses OCR which means all files are full searchable, making closed cases easy to search and locate critical information, in a matter of minutes - no paper needed.


GenieDocs BETA launched to the public in early 2008, bringing the workers' compensation industry to a whole new level of productivity. Never before have attorney enjoys such refined and streamlined records procurement, with 24/7 up time and free cloud storage at Gemini. Subpoenaeing records has never been easier, more organized, or more effective.


In 2009 the legal case management giant MerusCase partnered with to form a powerful synergy of integrated services. Applicant and Defense attorneys enjoy the efficiency that only Merus+Gemini can deliver, with the convenient Subpoena Records tab and a myriad of other dynamic features.


In 2011 Gemini announced GenieDocs 2.0 which provides law firms a whole new slate of high-demand features: live status, search fields, locations dropdown, autopopulating forms, issues console, and more. The new (and current) version of GenieDocs has modern aesthetics and Gemini adds new features each year in keeping with market demands and legislative developments.


Gemini expands to Southern California in 2011 and continues to serve applicant and defense law firms statewide. Gemini has field agents for process service and records pickup and rarely has to outsource for in state projects. Since 2011, Gemini's work in Southern California has sustained such growth that the company has doubled in size and added many new offerings to clients.


The California Workers' Compensation Services Association is alive and thriving today. In 2012, Gemini CEO Dan Mora formed the group with industry allies, providing leadership that galvanized a movement toward cooperation among vendors.


For the uninitiated, SB 863 is a workers' compensation bill that changed the industry and for Gemini, effected a Fee Schedule, which was implemented 7-1-2015. Gemini CEO Dan Mora was invited to provide feedback on several drafts of the bill and worked alongside legislators during the process and spoke at industry events on the bill and its impact. Together, a fair, equitable copy service fee schedule came into being.


In late 2014 Gemini had outgrown its existing operations in Visalia and expanded to a new facility in Rocklin, CA. The headquarters is just a few miles from Sacramento and the state capitol is the perfect place for Gemini to keep a pulse on forthcoming legislation, in workers' comp and sister industries.


After the SB 863 legislation came into being, there remained some ambiguity in the industry about the Fee Schedule. Gemini CEO Dan Mora took the lead by meeting with legislators, coordinating with insurance carriers, and connecting with attorneys to cut through the murky waters. This research culminated in Gemini's publication of Dan's White Paper on Discovery Rights, a topic Dan has spoken about and continues to speak on regularly at applicant and defense CLE events.


Turnaround time - how fast subpoenaed records can be obtained and delivered to the client - has always been important. Obtaining treatment for injured workers is the goal, to process a claim quickly and fairly, and Gemini plays a vital role. After studying the process and improving its system several times over in 2015, Gemini reached an industry low, record-breaking turnaround time, never compromising on customer service and ethics


Gemini now employs over 100 employees statewide and has expanded to another facility and both are in Rocklin, CA. Sales and Field agents serve clients statewide and visit Rocklin regularly for training and updates. Gemini regularly publishes valuable content online and in print, while the CEO speaks at industry events, and Gemini is honored to lead the industry with ethics, experience, and results.


People First.

Gemini promotes a culture of servant-leadership and is a place where teamwork, collaboration, advancement, and constant improvement are part of daily life.


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