Which Social Media Channel is best for lawyers?

If you're a practicing attorney with no existing social media, you should at least join LinkedIn. It is now the most comprehensive soical media platform for professionals, says Krisi Dosh, an attorney and former lawyer, providing opportunities for:

New Business:

Cultivate referrals by connecting with people you know or your law firm has served (Forbes recently shared a story on an attorney who netted $12,500 in billable hours through referrals, spending just a few minutes a week on LinkedIn).

Improve Visibility

It won't be uncommon for your LinkedIn profile to appear in search results ahead of your law firm bio. That said, you'll want to be sure you keep your profile up-to-date for potential clients and referral sources.

Catch the Latest News

In addition to keeping abreast of news around the industry, you can use LinkedIn to post updates about things like your 40 Under 40 Award or an article about a recent settlement you achieved or a speaking engagement. 

Publish Original Material

Lawyers are excellent writers. LinkedIn Publisher allows attorneys to greatly increase your exposure. Posts appear on your profile and can be read by anyone, even if you aren't connected. It's a great way to showcase your expertise. 

Grow Your Law Firm

More clients mean more work! Find the right talent by scrolling through the data-rich LinkedIn resumes of thousands of qualified applicants when your law firm is growing. 

Higher Attendance at Events

If you're a CAAA chapter president or have another event to promote and not much time, LinkedIn gives you the option to post text and a photo with event details, which can double attendance. 



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