SIBTF/SIF: Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund

Gemini and your SIBTF provider can make it easy

Increase your practice's cash flow without going outside your current client base



What is SIBTF And how can it benefit my clients?

The Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund was established to provide financial support to persons who have significant preexisting disability and who then sustain a major work injury. The SIBTF process of application and award is completely separate from the active Worker's Compensation case. SIBTF can generate significant lifetime benefits for injured workers - a portion of which goes to their attorneys for the duration of the claim. 

What do I have to do?

Gemini works seamlessly with your preferred SIBTF provider to streamline work by your office. Your SIBTF provider will support you with doctor and specialist referrals, while Gemini will handle all your records ordering needs.


SIBTF at a Glance:

  • Identify clients who potentially qualify for SIBTF.
    • Your provider can supply you with a health questionnaire, screening tool, or come into your office to consult with you on any issues. 
  • File the SIBTF Case.
    • all forms and letters can be provided to you along with support on correct filing.
  • Subpoena medical records through Gemini
    • With our industry leading turnaround time, of less than 21 days, we'll get the records you need quickly.
  • Allow your partnering doctor to arrange specality visits, followup appointments, and more for the applicant.
    • Your providers will handle the coordination so there's one less thing for you to worry about.
  • Argue the case.
    • With all the information you'll need at your disposal, you'll have a simpler time making your case and getting an award for your client.
  • Refer your fellow attorneys
    • Once you realize how simple SIBTF work can be, you'll want to suggest your colleagues do it as well.



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