Get Records Faster

When ordering records, use this checklist to ensure records are processed as quickly as possible.


Include the ADJ

  • Expedites processing
  • Provides necessary billing party
  • Verifiable in EAMS


  • Get authorization forms in English and Spanish from Gemini
  • Add a Gemini authorization to your new client intake packet
  • Attach authos for each request when ordering psych, PHI or out-of-state records.

Select Records Type

  • Check the box of each type of records you want - Gemini can retrieve many types
  • For medical locations, select medical records or billing, or both (by default, Gemini will include radiology reports)
  • Employer locations: select wages or employment or both
  • Selecting only what you need speeds up turnaround time. 

Avoid Duplicate Orders that Result in Cancellations

  • Check in GenieDocs
  • Ask your Gemini rep or client support

Verify Location with Injured Worker

  • Doctor's Name
  • Patient ID number (Include an MRN if Kaiser)
  • Address and phone number of the location where the injured worker had the appointment. 

SB 863 Compliance

To follow the 30 Day Rule and avoid issues, remember, if your law firm does NOT request the claims file in your orginial Demand Letter/Letter of Rep, then Gemini must subpoena the claim file to start the 30 day clock. 




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