with merusCase and Gemini, your IT costs, security risks and work location restrictions will forever be eliminated.

Since 2009, Gemini has partnered with MerusCase. With the longest running relationship in the industry, there is no better team to serve your needs.

"Gemini paired with MerusCase is hands-down the fastest and easiest way to issue subpoenas. I was able to subpoena 18 medical providers in about one minute without any duplicated data entries. This is invaluable." - Brian W Freeman Esq. 


Features and Benefits:

  • EAMS Integration: Pull case data from EAMS and re-use it to auto-populate court forms. 
  • JetFile: Quickly and easily file WCAB forms with the court
  • QME106 Automation: Simplify and streamline your QME panel requests - now remarkably faster with MerusCase
  • Cloud-Based Case Management: Get more done, work from anywhere, using any device. Files are backed up, encrypted, and user friendly, creating a seamless experience for you to manage your current and past cases.

With the most technologically advanced copy service integration, you'll cut IT costs, eliminate security risks, and overcome geographic restrictions - all while managing your caseload in the most convenient way possible. 


Email: clientsupport@gemini.legal

Phone: (877) 739-7481