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About Juan

Juan was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Son of two immigrant parents from Mexico, Juan learned at a very early age to work hard for what he wanted in life. He attended college at Long Beach City College and then later transferred to California State University of Long Beach to eventually pursue a career in Business Administration. With a broad career expanding over 20 years in the field of Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, Motivating, Customer Service & Management, he brings a lot of experience, skills and contagious energy to our Sales team. Juan currently lives in Downtown Los Angeles, and in his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife Christina and daughter Gianna. He sees Gemini as an opportunity to be able to help the injured worker with their discovery while also being able to be a consultant to staff members & attorneys on how they can improve being more productive and efficient with the services he is able to offer them.

Ask him about:

  • Industry leading Turn Around Time

  • Live Record Status

  • Independent Discovery

  • Custom Delivery Options

  • Time Saving Technology

  • IMR/SIBTF Support

  • Updated Records

  • Sponsoring Events

  • Paperless Solutions

  • 49er's Football

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