Common Issue types and Definitions

The purpose of the "Weekly Request Overview" is to enable your office to partner with us in resolving any questions or inaccuracies in your orders as quickly as possible. 

Resolving Issues in 3 Quick Steps:

  1. Subscribe to your “Weekly Request Overview”. This will include each issue number associated with the order.  It will also include a brief description of the type of issue.
  2. Click the issue number and you will be taken to the issue page in GenieDocs. This allows you to review the issue details and obtain any documents that may need to be completed to process the order.
  3. You can also scroll down to the New Comment box where you are able to send us a message.  If you need to communicate any Protected Health Information, please be sure to insert that information in the Secure Notes section.  If you would like to upload an attachment, you can do so by selecting Choose File, in the bottom left corner of the box and always be sure to click the Post box.  

Enrollment is quick and simple:

  • Once logged into the GenieDocs Issue console, under ‘Your Profile’ select your Communication Preferences.
  • Select ‘Send me a Weekly Report of Issue Activity.’  -- This will send you a weekly email to notify you of any issues you might have with your orders.

Most Common Issue Types Include:

  • Authorization required
  • Attorney Signature Needed
  • Verification From Client
  • Missing Case Number

Each order will be reviewed and flagged if an issue is discovered by our Order Entry Specialists. With our Weekly Request Overview you will be notified by email so you can resolve any missing information, and receive your orders in the fastest time possible. 

Uploading Documents

Did you know that you can upload documents right in the issues console?

When adding a 'New Comment' to a case thread, there is an option to upload a file. 

Just upload the document, type in your comment and select 'Post'. We will do the rest! We automatically notified when a document upload has been made in GenieDocs.


Issue Type:


Applicant Filed Date

Application for Adjudication is needed in order to continue processing this request. Per EAMS, the application filed date is not listed and the initial demand letter is needed to determine file date.

Attorney Signature Needed

The location requires an attorney signature on the subpoena. Please provide the requesting attorney's signature on the attached 'Signature Release Form'.


Location needs authorization or requires their specific authorization to be signed by the applicant. 

Authorization with PHI (Protected Health Information)

Location requires a signed and dated authorization. The authorization must include the applicant's initialed release of PHI (Protected Health Information) including HIV/AIDS, mental health (psych), STDs, and drug/alcohol abuse.

Claim/DOI Verification (Date of Injury)

The carrier was not able to locate a claim in their system. Please provide additional and/or alternative information regarding the claim. 

Per EAMS, the case has either been dismissed, closed or with Stipulations, closed C&R or could not be located within their system. We need verification/proof that the case is in fact open, partially open or is a SIF case. Please provide documentation stating the case is still open or the medical portion is still open so we can process the order.

Closed Case Verification

Demand Letter Verification

If an informal request to the carrier has already been sent, please provide us with a copy of the letter so we can process this order according to the 30-day hold rule of SB863


The same records were prevously requested under another order number or a CNR was previously obtained from the same location. Please confirm this is a duplicate or provide client approval.

Location Verification

The location's address and/or phone number listed is incorrect and we are unable to verify after research. Please provide additional information required to process this order/request.

LOR (Letter of Representation)

Per EAMS, the law firm that placed this request is not listed in the case detail information. Please provide a signed Letter of Representation so we can continue processing the request.

Missing ADJ Number

Either no case number was provided, or after a thorough search in EAMS, the required case number could not be identified. Please provide the ADJ number for this case so we may process this order. 

Non-party Claims File

The carrier was not able to locate a claim for this applicant in their system. Please provide claim number, policy number, type of policy and/or type of loss. 

Previous AA Case File

Please confirm whether you would like this request be formally requested by subpoena or informally requested through the Account Manager. 

Records Provided to AA

The location and/or Defense Attorney has verbally stated or provided us with Proof of Service and/or Declaration that records for this request were provided directly to the Applicant Attorney. Please verify if records were received and confirm if you would like to cancel this request. Subsequently, if records were not received, please confirm if your office would like to receive our Declaration of Due Diligence. 

Records/SDT Type

Please verify what type of records are needed. For example: medical records, billing records, radiology reports, films, employment and/or wage records.

Required Location Info

The location is requiring a specific piece of information for release of records or was unable to locate records with information provided. Please rovide or confirm identifying information. This may include a policy #, MRN #, AAA #, healthcare ID#, physician name, etc.  

SIF Jurisdiction (Subsequent Injury Fund)

SIF is not listed in EAMS and a letter from SIF indicating that a case has been filed with the Subsequent Injury Benefit Trust Fund (SIBTF). Please provide information that the case has been filed with the Subsequent Injury Benefit Trust Fund. 

Verification from Client

Please provide additional information required to process this order/request direct from the client. 

Verify SS and/or DOB (Social Security) (Date of Birth)

After following our research process, we could not locate the information requried. Please provide a social security number and/or date of birth for this order/request.