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Top Level Security:

Communications and records are both encrypted, secure, and HIPAA compliant

Keyword Search:

Gemini scans all your records with OCR. Each document is searchable, making your work fast, easy and accurate.

Live Status:

Keep track of each step of your record retrieval. You can set up notifications and know the instant they are ready.

Issues Management:

Delays can quickly be identified with our Issues Console. Faster resolutions means faster turnaround time for you. 

100% Web Based:

With cloud based technology, records through GenieDocs are accessible anywhere on any device. 


Cloud based technology can save you in multiple ways:

  1. Lower Risk: Professional home and cloud electronic storage systems reduce liability risks from fire, thieves or water
  2. Saves Time: 18 Minutes is the average amount of time spent retrieving information from documents, compared to 2 seconds it takes to retrieve information from a searchable PDF document. 
  3. Less Storage: Each 2 drawer file cabinet holds an average 10,000 documents, but takes up 9 square feet of space. Each electronic folder holds an unlimited amount of documents and takes up 0 square feet of space in your office. 
  4. It's Mobile: Hosting your files in a secure, professional cloud hosting service lets you access them from anywhere you are using a tablet, smartphone, or computer. Work from home, office, skit resort, etc. You only print what you need!
  5. It Saves Trees: Every time we recycle 1 ton of paper, we save 13 trees



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