Question: What is Gemini's turnaround time for record requests?

Answer: We always do our absolute best to get you records as fast as possible. Our average turnaround for all requests we process is under 30 days. Providing all the necessary information up front will help us get your records even faster.

Question: Do you assist with Vouchers?

Answer:  We do!  We have Spanish speaking bi-lingual Case managers that specialize in helping each individual identify a program that fits their needs, interests, and abilities.  We work with dozens of schools that can support just about any interest. We provide specialized support based on the need of the clients in identifying their prospective programs.

Question: Will you notify me if the information is missing on a request or there is a problem at any point with my request?

Answer: There are email notifications that can be turned on in your profile that allow for transparency on each request you enter. You will be notified when an order is placed, a request needs information, and when records are obtained. We also have an interactive console where you can view all requests that have been stalled for any reason. You can leave a note for us with any information you may have to move that request along and our Client Support team will be notified to work on that request.

Question: How fast does your Client Support team respond to emails?

Answer: We're glad you asked. Our Client Support team answers 27% of emails within the first 15 minutes of receiving them and their average response time to all emails is under 2 1/2 hours. They also resolve 50% of all emails on the first reply which helps you get more done.

Question: Are you able to send records to doctors

Answer: Yes we will be more than happy to send records to a doctor on your behalf. All our records are forwarded electronically. If you would like any records forwarded please feel free to email and they will take care of this request. If you are ordering records yourself either in Geniedocs or Merus you can also add under additional delivery party the doctor you want records sent to.

Question: The defense is objecting to the subpoena saying the records are available through their copy service and that I must use the defense's copy service. Do you have a response to this?

Answer: Yes, we frequently see this objection. We are unaware of any authorities which state the requirement that the applicant must obtain the records through the defense or the insurance company. Per California Code of Regulations title 8, section 10626, which states, “Subject to Labor Code section 3762, and except as otherwise provided by law, all parties, their attorneys, agents and physicians shall be entitled to examine and make copies of all or any part of physician, hospital, or dispensary records that are relevant to the claims made and the issues pending in a proceeding before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board”. There is nothing in this regulation stating this can only be done through the defense or insurance company.