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About David

David was born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA and grew up playing water polo, surfing and snowboarding. Today, David still enjoys outdoor activities and you can often find him either golfing, skateboarding, or taking his two dogs to the park with his wife. David is passionate about cooking, history, animal rights and classic Volkswagens. Although he has spent the majority of his life in California, David had the opportunity to live in Lafayette, Louisiana for 5 years. While there he fell in love with fishing, Cajun cuisine, and immersing himself in the culture of true Southern hospitality. David has just welcomed his first child into the world and is excited about being a father.

Ask him about:

  • Industry leading Turn Around Time

  • Live Record Status

  • Independent Discovery

  • Custom Delivery Options

  • Time Saving Technology

  • IMR/SIBTF Support

  • Updated Records

  • Sponsoring Events

  • Paperless Solutions

  • Extreme Sports

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